Fire Protection Services

Throughout New South Wales, Archer Fire provides a wide range of Fire Protection Services from our base in Wollongong.

Fire ExtinguishersIMAGE: Fire Extinguishers for sale in Wollongong

Fire Extinguishers are often the first tool available to fight a small fire. Be it in the home or workplace, portable extinguishers are a vital piece of fire protection equipment.

Archer Fire Services is able to completely fulfil your fire extinguisher needs. Be it sales, service, repair or recharge, we have you covered!

Fire Hose ReelsFire Hose Reels

Fire Hose Reels are suitable for fighting Class A fires and are required in many commercial buildings. They are to be used for fire fighting only and require regular maintenance by a properly qualified technician.

Fire Hose Reels must be installed according to AS 2441 and maintained to AS 1851.

Archer Fire Services supplies complete Fire Hose Reels, as well as a professional planned maintenance service.


Fire BlanketsIMAGE: Fire Blankets are useful in kitchens and for clothing fires.

Fire Blankets are commonly installed in kitchens, and are used for Class F (cooking oils) fires as well as for clothing fires.

These blankets are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for a single use only. They should be replaced after coming into contact with a fire.

Fire Blankets are to be installed according to the requirements of AS 2444 and inspected according to AS 1851.

Fire ProtectionExit and Emergency Lighting

In accordance with Australian Standard 2293, Exit and Emergency Lighting equipment require regular inspection and testing by a properly qualified person.

Archer Fire Services is able to care for both the supply and installation of exit and emergency lighting, as well as the regular essential maintenance.

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